How Important is Balance?

Stress, anxiety and all disorders of the emotions are caused by imbalance between the physical body and mind.

Your mind and body WANT normality… they work together constantly to bring about systemic equilibrium… or as near to it as possible.

Your mind and body are mostly occupied with fuelling your body, balancing systemic chemicals, including hormones, removing contaminants, fighting infection and bacteria and ejecting waste… in essence, maintaining systemic balance.

To regain and maintain balance, you must provide your body and mind with what they need in terms of sustenance, data and movement.

When you provide what it takes to create a sound foundation and you DO what is required to return your emotional balance to ‘normal’, you will think and feel great… as you should… you will regain your ‘birth-preset’ physical and mental equilibrium.

Reaching that state of balance means that you don’t ‘need’ substances or other interventions in order to enjoy life, you will be well, feel well and enjoy your life experiences.