Q: Can I use these teas if I am on other medications?
A: The teas are made from plant extracts. There are no known side-effects from using the teas.

Q: Do the teas contain caffeine?
A: No, they do not.

Q: Do Chill Pill teas contain tea plant leaves?
A: No, they are not made from tea. They are herbal plant based infusions.

Q: Can I drive after drinking the teas?
A: Stabili-tea and Safe-tea but not Tranquili-tea!

Q: What is the maxiumum amount I can drink?
A: There is no upper limit but we would recommend a maximum of 6 cups per day.

Q: Is the tea addictive?
A: No it is not.

Q: Can I drink it hot or cold? Can I store it in the fridge?
A: Yes it can be drunk hot or cold and stored for up to 7 days in the fridge.

Q: Does it have a 'use by date'?
A: You can store Chill Pill for up to 3 years in a sealed package.


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