Calming Tea

Tea isn't always just tea

Calming tea might contain any number of plants and or hebs that have been identifed as 'therapeutic'. The problem is that, whilst many plants have naturally calming properties, how that works chemically in the body and mind can affect other bodily functions and even produce unwanted side-effects.

Calming tea often contains substances that aren't deactivated on waking which can make you feel drowsy without any therapeutic benefits.

Chill Pill Teas are different. They have been created over decades of testing the ingredients for their efficacy but also to make sure that the correct blend, plant genus and quantities have been used. Failure to do so can result in undesired and often very poor results.

Calming tea should be chemically balanced to produce the peace and calm needed but to also only act on the associated neurology with no side-effects or interactions.

Chill Pill does just that. Whichever tea blend you choose, you are guaranteed of a gentle but focused result.