All herbal infusions are NOT created equal

Many products claim therapeutic benefits and there is a vast amount of herbal product available online and off.

Many people become disillusioned by the poor quality, therapeutically inferior products they purchase and 'give up' on what may have worked... had it been a better quality product.

Our plant ingredients are chosen for their purity, their quality and their potency and are blended using recipes that have been developed and refined over two decades.

High street brands are plentiful and we would hope that you have tried some so that you will immediately understand and recognise the difference between them and Chill Pill.

With all plant materials, you can 'buy cheap' and compromise, or you can buy quality and experience the vast difference.

Many herbal teas are made from plant 'dust' and not the full bud.

Many are made from products dried too quickly or freeze-dried to reduce cost.

Cheaper ingredients loose their efficacy... like over-boiling vegetables, the goodness is removed by processing.

Chill Pill Teas are quality herbal infusions using the very best ingredients. Try them and you'll soon feel the difference.