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Teas for Anxiety, Stress, Insomnia & Mental Wellbeing


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I have suffered with Insomnia as long as I can remember but Tranquili-tea changed all that day one. I have never slept so soundly and woken feeling so refreshed.

Luanne Cox. London

I have always suffered with anxiety and depression but since taking this tea twice daily my anxiety is at its lowest ebb ever. It's wonderful stuff. Highly recommended.

Jason Dawne. Philadelphia

My mum bought me the stress tea last week. I have just had my first child and this tea has really helped me to regain some of the balance lost during and after pregnancy.

Joanne Leese. Glasgow

After moving to France, my anxiety seemed to get worse. My sister sent me some Chill Pill tea about 6 months ago and it's been a real godsend. I feel so much better.

Sarah K. Calais

I was at my wits end with sleeplessness. I had tranquilisers but they made me feel so rough. Tranquili-tea gets me to sleep fast and I wake feeling good.

Rachel Peters. Manchester

I was skeptical that herbs could help my stress and anxiety but I was wrong. These teas are tasty and they work fast when you need them most. Highly recommended.

Nigel Western. Poole

We both suffer with some anxiety and insomnia having retired too early! My wife started me on these lovely teas about a month ago and I can honestly say they work!

David and June R. Peterborough

I love the teas, the name, the taste and what they do for me. They are unexpectedly therapeutic and I can't recommend them enough. My kids take them too now.

Cat H. Swansea

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Natural & Gentle BUT Wonderfully Beneficial

We understand emotional suffering and recovery - Chill Pill Teas have been developed over 20 years involvement in mental health recovery therapy and practitioner training.

Chill Pill teas can be used alongside other treatments to gently reduce the psychological and physiological symptoms and thoughts that are so negatively  influential and disturbing, without creating drownsiness or any negative side-effects.

Delicious HOT or COLD

Enjoy Chill Pill tea hot or cold - The teas can be flavoured or sweetened to taste - With ginger, lemon, lime or elderflower added, they make a delicious and relaxing cold punch!

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All of our tea ingredients are grown
naturally & entirely GMO free



Our teas are made from premium quality ingredients from accredited suppliers



Our teas are all developed and manufactured for their therapeutic benefits